Our Personal Injury Practice in Southern California

The staff at The Law Office of Michael S. Braun in Torrance, California, care deeply about our clients' needs. We understand being a victim of a serious accident can be a very traumatic experience and each case is unique. Our personal injury attorneys are known for being compassionate and handling each case on its unique merits. Call 310-984-3220 to learn more about your legal options for a personal injury, auto accident or wrongful death case. We will work diligently to keep each client updated on their case's status and will respond to all inquiries in a timely manner. Michael Braun will use the knowledge he gained as an insurance defense attorney to maximize our clients' compensation and avoid unnecessary delays.
If you were injured in a no-fault accident, get rightful compensation for:
Lawyer signing paper - Personal Injury Attorney in Torrance, CA
Medical bills related to your injuries as well as future medical expenses
Wages lost due to time taken off from work, including doctor appointments and physical therapy
Costs to employ someone to care for you and your household if you are unable to do so
Permanent disability and disfigurement resulting from the accident
Emotional and psychological distress resulting from the accident
Various other costs that are related to the accident, including property and vehicle damage