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The Law Firm of Michael S. Braun

At the Law Office of Michael S. Braun, we represent seriously injured people, and surviving family members, victimized by auto accidents caused by others. We have many years of experience in pursuing these cases aggressively to obtain fair and timely compensation for our clients. Our combined experience and tenacity combine to produce results.

If You Are In An Car Accident:

  • Never say “I’m OK” right after an accident. You are shaken up and may not be the best judge of your physical and mental state. It’s better to say “I don’t know” since some injuries may not be apparent until a day or two later, or even longer. Not every injury shows up in x-rays and scans especially if you have soft-tissue damage.
  • Immediately get medical help for any injuries.
  • Always collect as much information as you can at the time of the incident, including names, phone numbers, addresses and statements, from witnesses.
  • Never give out any statement (with the exception of a police report), until you have consulted with an experienced automobile injury lawyer
  • Never sign any release of liability or potential claim until you have spoken with your lawyer.
  • Document everything. Get copies of your accident reports, take photos, keep all your medical receipts and invoices. Describe any new symptoms and when they appear and keep track of time taken off from work because of injuries and for medical treatment.

More than 480,000 auto accidents are reported throughout the state of California each year. These accidents leave more than 275,000 people injured and claim the lives of nearly 4,000 others. When people are seriously injured in auto accidents, they often require hospitalization and therapy to recover.

Many victims are forced to stay out of work for several months and even years to recover. Although there are a variety of treatment options available for people who suffer broken bones, spinal cord damages, and other injuries, all of these treatments come at an extraordinary cost. If you have suffered a serious injury in a Torrance car accident that occurred because of another driver’s actions, it is imperative that you reach out to an auto accident attorney in Torrance you as soon as possible to explore the legal options available to you. The personal injury attorneys at The Law Office of Michael S. Braun in Torrance, California, have extensive experience helping our clients protect their legal rights after being harmed in serious accidents caused by reckless drivers.

Our team of dedicated personal injury lawyers provides a wide variety of personal injury services to ensure that the best interests and legal rights of all of our clients are protected as they focus on recovering from their serious injury car accidents. Contact our law firm in Torrance to see how we can help you.

What to Do When The Insurance Company Calls You

What to Do When The Insurance Company Calls You

Once the insurance company is notified of your accident, a representative from your insurance or the at-fault driver’s insurance will try to contact you. It is best to avoid speaking with them. Even the most innocent comment can be manipulated to look like you are at-fault for the accident or that your injuries are not as severe as they truly are. Some insurance companies will try to pressure you into accepting a quick settlement that is worth far less than the cost of your injuries, medical bills and other damages.

An experienced car accident attorney from The Law Office of Michael S. Braun in Torrance will take into account all of your current and anticipated medical expenses, lost wages, and various other expenses, so you get the full and fair compensation you need and deserve. We are used to dealing with self-serving insurance companies, so it is crucial that you hang up the phone immediately with insurance companies and call our team of dedicated and compassionate car crash attorneys instead. The personal injury attorneys at The Law Office of Michael S. Braun will help guide you through the complex and complicated personal injury legal process and help you understand whether or not a settlement offer is fair. We will handle the communication with insurance companies to ensure they do not take advantage of you.

If you have any questions about your car accident or you want to discuss the legal options available as you focus on your recovery, contact our personal injury attorneys at The Law Office of Michael S. Braun in Torrance to discuss your case.

What to Do When The Insurance Company Calls You

There are several causes of motor vehicle accidents in California. The majority of accidents across our state are a result of distracted driving. Accidents take many forms and impact victims in a variety of ways. Some of the most common types of car accidents we see here in California include:

Head-On Collisions:

There are several causes of motor vehicle accidents in California. The majority of accidents across our state are a result of distracted driving. Accidents take many forms and impact victims in a variety of ways. Some of the most common types of car accidents we see here in California include:

Rear-End Collisions:

More than 1.7 million rear-end collisions occur across the United States each year. These accidents happen when a person is driving too close to the vehicle in front of them and are unable to stop their automobile before their frontend collides with the rear of the vehicle in front of them. These accidents frequently occur due to distracted driving and following too closely.

T-Bone Collisions:

T-bone accidents frequently occur at intersections when one or both drivers do not obey traffic control signals or signs. They can also result because one driver makes an illegal turn. A T-bone collision gets its name from the unique shape the two vehicles make as the front-end of one collides with the side of a second vehicle. T-Bone, or side-impact collisions, can cause debilitating injuries, especially to victims inside the vehicle where it is struck.

Sideswipe Accidents:

These accidents occur when drivers are traveling in parallel lines, and one vehicle crosses over the center median and strikes the second vehicle. Sideswipe accidents often cause one or both cars to go off the road and crash into other objects, vehicles, or buildings.

Chain Reaction Crashes:

A chain-reaction collision is one that involves three or more vehicles. These accidents are commonly caused by drivers following too closely, distracted drivers, and rubbernecking. Chain-reaction accidents can result in severe injuries and more injured parties than most other types of collisions.

Single Vehicle Accidents:

Although most drivers enter roadways worrying about the actions other drivers make, many accidents take place every day in California that involve only one vehicle. In fact, more than half of all fatal collisions in the United States involve a single vehicle colliding with objects, buildings, and trees, as well as rolling over. Most single-vehicle accidents occur because of driver error, speeding, or intoxication. Others occur because of a defective car part or road defect that resulted in the crash.

Recoverable Damages in an Auto Accident in Torrance, CA

At the Law Office of Michael S. Braun in Torrance, we represent seriously injured people and surviving family members who have been victimized by auto accidents caused by reckless drivers. Our team has extensive experience advocating on behalf of injured car accident victims in Southern California by aggressively fighting to help our clients obtain fair, full, and timely compensation for their legal claims. The auto accident attorneys at The Law Office of Michael S. Braun help victims collect the maximum amount of compensation available for various damages, including but not limited to the following:

  • The costs of all past, current, and anticipated medical treatment and surgery
  • The costs for long-term care and therapy
  • Lost wages due to doctor appointments and other reasons
  • Lost earning capacity for people who are unable to return to work
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship
  • Disfigurements
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium
  • Mental anguish
  • Property damages
  • And more
Britney TezinoBritney Tezino
18:12 01 Feb 24
Michael LiuMichael Liu
02:42 14 Apr 23
I had several great experiences with Michael Braun. He is experienced, professional, and a great listener. He is also responsive and you are always able to at least get a hold of a someone at the office to relay an urgent message. Ultimately, the strategy that we worked on together was successful. Highly recommended for at least an initial consultation or second opinion on anything legal one is facing.
Brandy MaciasBrandy Macias
20:19 30 Mar 23
Thank you for such a helpful, professional, and efficient experience! Would highly recommend.
Victorya NamVictorya Nam
19:28 11 Jan 23
Not only was Mr. Braun great, but his assistant Shelley Riganti was super helpful with my mother's case. They were both available for all questions and super friendly as well.
21:34 29 Dec 22
Michael is an incredible lawyer, a rare lawyer in his kindness and willingness to work for people. He is extremely helpful and knowledgeable, they are the best lawyers I've ever had the pleasure of working with.From the moment I walked into their office, they're warm and friendly and you get the instant feeling that you're going to be in safe hands with them. I went to him about a matter when someone hit the car from the back, their insurance company was not accepting fault but Michael quickly resolved it for me and my worries quickly disappeared. He was easy to reach whenever I had any additional questions or concerns, and it made me feel like he really cared. and he knew exactly what he was talking about, did not charge me a dime for consultation, and helped me to rest assured on next steps concerning the matter.I feel empowered, informed, and will go out of my way to recommend his firm to you.If you are looking for a good injury lawyer this is the place you can never go wrong.
18:06 09 Nov 22
Retained Attorney Braun’s firm recently due to an auto accident. Attorney Braun and his staff are true professionals. They did not express to me any unrealistic expectations. In the worst of times they made it stress free. Thank you guys tremendously.
Carlos GomezCarlos Gomez
23:33 16 Aug 20
Overal ExperienceAttorney Michael Braun, and his firm offered a very seamless, and transparent process. Michael Braun, always made himself available, and took the time to answer any questions I had regarding the auto insurance case.NetworkMichael Braun, covered me on every aspect from ensuring my truck, was repaired to the state it was in before getting rear-ended, and most importantly getting me much needed medical treatment through his network.Follow-upsMichael Braun and his office, would always respond back to emails, text, and phone calls within a timely manner. He also ensured to get paper-work sorted with the insurance companies in a timely manner as well.OutcomeIn my case, Attorney Michael Braun, was able to win my insurance claim, and didn't close or request settlement until the doctors and myself declared that I was in a clean bill of health. He never rushed the process but did make sure that nothing seemed out of line.RecommendationBased on my personal experience, I would highly recommend Attorney Michael Braun and his office. If I ever require his services in the future, I will contact him again (hopefully I won't need an attorney), but if I did I would feel confident with his representation.

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